Stock gifts are an attractive way to gift stocks you own which have appreciated in value since they transfer to Christ Church without you incurring a capital gains tax (this compares to contributions by check which are written from your “after tax” dollars)

Please notify Jocelyn Angelone in the Church Office of your intention to gift via stock so she can ensure that Christ Church receives proper credit for your gift.  If you don’t reach Jocelyn directly, please leave her a voicemail which includes a description of the stock being contributed (company and number of shares), your broker or bank who will be sending the stock and the anticipated date of transfer.

Gifts are valued using an average of the high and the low prices on the date the security is received.

Your broker will require an instruction letter from you.  Please include the following information in your letter:

  • Security To Be Gifted

  • Number of Shares

  • Purpose of Gift (eg, Annual Pledge)

  • Institution Edward Jones

  • DTC # 0057

  • Account Number 285-05574-1-0

  • Account Name Christ Church

  • Contact Paola Ochoa, Edward Jones

  • Contact Number 914-337-2363

Please copy Jocelyn on the letter and mail a copy to her:

Jocelyn Angelone - Christ Church Bronxville, 17 Sagamore Road, Bronxville, NY  10708