Who We Are

Christ Church is an Episcopal Church under the oversight of the Bishop of the Diocese of New York. The people of Christ Church have built, over the many years since it was founded in 1901, a community based on the knowledge that God’s love for humanity knows no bounds, and that with God all things are possible. As you will see, we are black and white, women and men, young and old, liberal and conservative, gay and straight, single and married, from Bronxville and Yonkers, Eastchester and Mt. Vernon, Tuckahoe and the Bronx. What we share is that we’ve embraced the Gospel’s vision of hope and love and profound acceptance in the name of Jesus Christ. We believe God has called us together to reflect a better way of being in the world.

Worship & Sacraments



All are welcome to join and participate in any of the worship services held at...


 By Baptism, we are joined to Christ in his death and resurrection and made...


 “Dearly beloved.” so begins the Prayer Book’s liturgy for the celebration and blessing of...


Funerals The burial rites of the Church provide a means by which friends and family...

Sarum Use

What is the Sarum Use? 
The Sarum Use is an elaborate and beautiful worship ceremonial...

Facing East

Facing East
 From very early on in our faith’s liturgical life the orientation of the...

Pastoral Care

Pastoral Care 
Christ Church is a caring community. Both clergy and trained laypersons in our...

Healing or Unction

Healing or Unction
 Although the Holy Eucharist brings us healing and wholeness each time we...

Our Ministries

Essential to the mission of Christ Church is our relationships with local and global communities. We know that we are truly better together. Throughout the
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Youth Formation
At Christ Church, our youth programs offer a restful, affirming, and fun environment for middle and high schoolers to explore their faith and their thoughts,
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Children Formation
Children are born deeply connected with God. At Christ Church Bronxville, children are invited to encounter the Holy and learn the language of faith through
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Adult Formation
We are all at different stages of our spiritual pilgrimage. The Adult Formation programs at Christ Church Bronxville are designed to provide fruitful opportunities for
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St. Augustine said that “singing is praying twice.” At Christ Church Bronxville we celebrate the gift of music in our lives and its ability to
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The Spire The Spire is Christ Church Bronxville's quarterly publication informing our community about all the great things that have happened and what is on
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Young at Arts
Young At Arts is a dynamic, performing arts educational organization dedicated to helping young people expand their horizons and build character through music and drama.
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Eliza Corwin Frost
Through a caring and engaging learning environment the community of Eliza Corwin Frost provides children with meaningful experiences for play and exploration, while nourishing their
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Clergy & Staff
Christ Church Bronxville (914)-337-3544 | 17 Sagamore Road | Bronxville, NY | 10708 | christchurch@ccbny.org The Rev. Michael A. Bird, Rector mbird@ccbny.org 914.337.3545 Father Bird
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