Christ Church Bronxville

Sarum Use

What is the Sarum Use?

The Sarum Use is an elaborate and beautiful worship ceremonial that started at Salisbury Cathedral in England. Sarum is Latin for Salisbury. This is a truly English liturgical style and was brought to Christ Church in the 1930’s by Father Harold Hohly and Canon Morton Stone. Since that time Christ Church has been widely known as an exponent of the Sarum Use (we call it the English usage).

The Sarum Use at Christ Church has been revised quite a bit over time to reflect changes in liturgical understanding and to best fit the architecture of Christ Church. However, the importance of this carefully lived liturgy remains the same – to create an atmosphere through which the Divine might be encountered in a lasting, reverent, and deeply meaningful way. No gesture in the Sarum Use is without meaning. It all points to the necessity and beauty of our relationship with God and with one another.