Christ Church Bronxville
Christ Church Bronxville



The people of Christ Church have built a community based on the knowledge that God’s love for humanity knows no bounds, and that with God all things are possible. As you know, we share a commitment to spiritual growth, a deeper understanding and expression of our faith, and service to others in the name of Jesus Christ. 

We are black and white, women and men, young and old, liberal and conservative, gay and straight, single and married, from Bronxville and Yonkers, Eastchester and Mt. Vernon, Tuckahoe and the Bronx.

What we share is that we’ve embraced the Gospel’s vision of hope and love and profound acceptance in the name of Jesus Christ. We believe God has called us together to reflect a better way of being in the world and we challenge ourselves to embrace holiness and fearlessly share Christ’s love.


The original Christ Church - at the intersection of the present-day Kensington and Sagamore Roads, where the columbarium is today. This early picture shows the church before it was covered by vines and before Sagamore Road was paved. 

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The current church was built in the late summer of 1925. Here it is pictured with the original church, which functioned as the parish house for 34 years.


A semi-circular drive and covered walkway was built to connect the new parish house to Christ Church. Beyond the covered arcade is the courtyard and Church Street building with Crispell Lounge and Taylor Hall.