Children at CCBNY


Pre-K to 1st Grade


2nd Grade


3rd to 6th Grades

Children are born deeply connected with God. At Christ Church, children are invited to encounter the Holy and learn the language of faith through scripture, prayer, visual art, music, joyful fun, and discussion in a loving community.



  • Godly Play Classes (Pre-K to 1st Grade) arrive in their classrooms
  • Communion Class (2nd Grade) arrives at the Chapel of the Guardian Angels for their class
  • Godly Dialogue Classes (3rd to 6th Grades) arrive in the Crispell Lounge

10:35AM 2nd through 6th graders join their parents in the service

10:50AM 3 year olds through 1st graders join their parents in the service

Godly Play (Pre-K to First Grade)

This year we continue with a combination of Godly Play stories and Sparkhouse Holy Moly videos. Godly Play is a Montessori-inspired way of sharing Bible stories and Christian tradition. Stories are told using simple wooden props in a way that allows the children to experience the stories deeply and prayerfully. Godly Play also helps the children learn the liturgical language of our faith. Through wondering questions, openness, discovery and art, children will have the opportunity to connect the stories with their personal experience, and become more fully aware of the mystery of God’s presence in their lives. In a very different and equally effective way, the Holy Moly materials also help our littlest ones imagine what the Bible characters are saying and thinking.

This year we will also be testing a brand new and really wonderful Sunday School Curriculum - Storymakers. If you’re curious, take a look here:

Our Godly Play students also rehearse with members of the music staff on many Sunday mornings during Church School. This way every child has the opportunity to sing in church, lead worship, and experience the joy of music and singing!


Communion (2nd Grade)

Second graders spend the entire year studying our beautiful tradition of weekly Holy Eucharist. They learn about all the parts of the service and what they mean, with a particular focus on the real presence of Christ that we encounter in the consecrated elements of bread and wine. The second graders meet in the Chapel of the Guardian Angels, their special classroom for the year.

Godly Dialogue (3rd to 6th Grades)

Godly Dialogue encourages our older children to engage the stories of our faith in a different way through conversation and interaction with their dedicated group of teachers. This group uses both Sparkhouse’s Holy Moly and Connect curricula as the foundation of their time together. Each class begins with a short, quirky, witty video that helps the students embrace the characters and their situation. Our children also continue to learn the tradition of our faith and become steeped in the liturgical language and rituals of the Episcopal Church.

This group will also experience the new curriculum from Storymakers as we get closer to Advent.

Our Nursery, located on the first floor of the Child Center, is staffed by two loving and caring professionals. The Nursery is open from 9:45AM until Noon each Sunday. Parents are also welcomed and encouraged to serve as extra volunteers.