Christ Church Bronxville
Christ Church Bronxville

Annual Pledge



Dear Friends -

In the next couple of days you will receive in the mail a pledge card and our 2018 stewardship materials. For those of us accustomed to a fall annual pledge/stewardship drive this feels strange. But as you recall, we spent the fall focused on finishing our capital campaign. 

So as we wrap up this program year and begin planning for the next, it is now the right time to express our gratitude to God, embrace the spiritual discipline of stewardship, and experience the transformative nature of returning to God what we have been given by God through the gift of our talents and opportunities. 

On a practical note:

  1. Please reflect on the joys of this year and the possibilities of the next.
  2. Please return your pledge card as soon as possible - we have set June 17th as our goal.
  3. Please remember that the summer months are monetarily lean for the church. If it's possible to make your summer month contributions in advance it would be very helpful.
  4. Some of you have already made regular contributions to the church throughout 2018, or prepaid a pledge in 2017. Once we have your pledge card we will allocate those gifts to your 2018 pledge, or follow any directions you give us.

The Rector, Vestry and I are grateful for your presence in our lives, and for the many ways you live out our mission of embracing and embodying God's love. Please see below for a snapshot of the program year and click here to download an electronic copy of our 2018 stewardship materials.

Owen Thomas
Senior Warden