Capital Campaign


Donate to the 1959 Challenge!

The Christ Church capital campaign – A Gathering Place for God’s People – has successfully raised over $2.07 million from 107 pledges. These pledges include full participation from the Vestry, Clergy, and Church staff. Unfortunately, among our parishioners, only two-thirds of those who make an annual pledge to Christ Church have pledged to the capital campaign. If you have not yet pledged to this campaign, we ask that you consider making a participation gift. It is our deep desire for everyone in our parish family to participate.

To encourage those who have not yet pledged, we are launching the “1959 Challenge”. Our campus, which was completed in 1959, consists of four buildings, and we are asking you to support one, two, three, or four buildings with a gift of any of the following amounts:

  • $19.59
  • $39.18 (2x $19.59)
  • $58.77 (3x $19.59)
  • $78.36 (4x$19.59)

I hope that you see the value of the capital projects we are undertaking and will make a gift to show your support of our parish and its work. We will officially close the campaign on December 3, which marks the beginning of the new church year.

Thank you very much for all that you do for Christ Church.

Stephen Palfrey, Senior Warden


This fall Christ Church is simultaneously engaged in both an Annual Giving Campaign for our 2017 operations, and a capital campaign to make repairs and restorations to our buildings - A Gathering Place for God’s People Campaign. Parishioners will be asked to make two pledges, one for their 2017 annual gift, and another for the capital campaign that can be fulfilled over the next three to five years.

Christ Church is a gathering place where we share, reflect on, and experience the gift of love that God has bestowed on every person. We ask you to think about and give thanks for all Christ Church does for our lives; for our personal well being, for our children, families, friends; and for the entire community around us. Christ Church is a gathering place where we experience God’s love in our liturgy and music, and where we explore God’s word together. It is a gathering place where our youth know they are loved and where they can search for their own path. And Christ Church has become a place where the wider community can gather when it needs the healing power of God’s love.

We must continue the work necessary to make our church sustainable and to nurture our mission to create a church whose members go forth in God’s love and make disciples for Jesus through our words and deeds. Sustaining and nurturing our mission requires that we take care of both the buildings we have been given, as well as the people who make our programs meaningful. Reflecting on the enormous impact the renovated Taylor Hall has done for our mission, it is clear that our spaces matter. And we are blessed to have caretakers, our clergy and staff, who are truly inspirational and deeply committed to their calling.

We believe that our church is at a moment in its history when our commitment can make a significant difference not only in our current religious lives, but in the lives of future generations of Christ Church parishioners. Securing our financial position, through a capital campaign and increased annual giving, will enable us to address urgent problems with our buildings, which are holding us back, plus it will help ensure that future generations will have the resources to maintain our buildings and retain extraordinary ministers who lead us in God’s work. Please join us in the necessary and vital mission to continue to build our wonderful church and community - all for the glory of God.

Pledge Cards

Once you are ready to submit your pledge, please download email a completed card to Katie Gojkovich at or mail to the Church Office.

Capital Campaign Pledge Card

Annual Giving Pledge Card

Deferred Giving

Please join us as members of the Hayward InSpire Society by including Christ Church in your estate plans. A bequest is a wonderful way of remembering and honoring Christ Church in your will. If it is not appropriate to part with cash or other assets at this time, giving to Christ Church through an estate commitment is a way to make a significant and meaningful gift without negatively affecting your current standard of living, etc. With the benefits of charitable giving as strong today as ever, now is the opportune time to explore ways to maximize your assets for you and your family while also providing a lasting legacy for the work of the parish.